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About Our Facility

  • It’s a facility where we offer support for the research development of industry-academic-government and it allows NIMS and non-NIMS researchers to utilize the service.
  • Use of the facility for commercial purposes such as selling the data/samples acquired therein is prohibited.
  • Open hours are 9:00 - 17:00 weekdays (except for the closed days due to maintenance).
  • Designated procedure is necessary for entering NIMS; Please refer to “Access” page.
  • About 60 instruments with a focus on semiconductor nanofabrication process are available.
  • Please refrain from using our facility if you concern about cross-contamination as we  do not put a restriction on certain materials.
  • You don’t need to bring your own clean garments as we carry rentals.
  • Bringing your computers/smart phones is allowed but please refrain from taking pictures/videos without permission.
  • If you’d like to bring your own experimental gadgets, devices or chemicals, please consult with the facility staff and get a permission in advance.
  • Please refer to the “Facility Use Manual” for other rules and regulations.

NIMS Nanofabrication Facility User's Guide

Before Use

  • A consultation is mandatory in advance of your usage application and registration.
  • During the consultation, please explain your purpose and plan clearly.
  • You can choose from either “disclosed use” with disclosure of the contents and the results of facility usage and “undisclosed use” of which everything is undisclosed.
  • There is no exchange of contracts but you need to agree with designated clauses stipulated by NIMS.
  • Property rights of the results of facility usage attribute to the user.
  • If you are a non-resident or fall under specific categories for compliance, certification of your parameter sheet for its applicability will be necessary.
  • You need to take a safety lecture in your own company or academia in advance.
  • Safety lecture for the use of our facility will be given on-the-job basis during operation training for the instruments.
  • If you are a student, please be enrolled in “Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research” and “Liability Insurance coupled with ‘Gakkensai’”.

For Those Who Belong to Companies and Academia

For Those Who Belong to NIMS

During Use

  • Style of use consists of “Self-Use”, “Operation Training” and “Technical Service”.
    Self-Use: Instruments will be operated on your own upon issue of operation license.
    Operation Training: Training will be given for acquisition of operation license.
    Technical Service: For those who have difficulty visiting NIMS, part of fabrication process will be carried out by staff.
  • Number/time of training necessary for obtaining a license for self-use depends on the proficiency level of the user.
  • Requesting and scheduling of operation training have to be made via email.
  • We will consider the propriety of conducting technical service in accordance with the details of request and conditions.
  • Users shall conduct research and technical development in principle; We do not accept any contract development.
  • Use of instruments is by reservations only. (Reservations on the very day/right before use is also allowed if the instruments are available.)
  • Change/cancelation of the reservation can only be made by 2 business days before. (100% charge will be incurred after that point.)
  • If you’d like to cancel the reservation on the very day for some inevitable reason,  please contact us.

After Use

  • Please contact us if no further facility usage is planned due to retirement/resignment.
  • Application for the use of facility expires at the end of each fiscal year and you need to make another subject application for the next year if you’d like to continue.
  • Please submit the disclosed/undisclosed usage report in designated format as soon as possible.
  • When you present a paper containing the result of the use of our facility, please include us in your acknowledgements.

【Acknowledgement for Disclosed Use (ARIM)】
Japanese: 本研究 (の一部) は、文部科学省「マテリアル先端リサーチインフラ」事業(課題番号JPMXP12xxNMyyyy)の支援を受けた。
English: (A part of) This work was supported by "Advanced Research Infrastructure for Materials and Nanotechnology in Japan (ARIM)" of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Proposal Number JPMXP12xxNMyyyy.

About Usage Cahrges

  • Charges are based on the volume of reservations and not on the actual time of usage.
  • Unit price varies in accordance with the affiliation, the user classification and the style of use; Please refer to the price table.
  • There is no separate charges for the use of chemicals, photo resists and deposition targets which are supplied by the facility.
  • Only the invoices and the billing statements will be issued and not the quotations or the delivery slips.
  • Please not that your use of facility might be limited if the payment falls into arrears.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you need to have the invoice earlier due to the accounting period or the end of the fiscal year.

About Invoicing and Payment

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