Invoice & Payment Procedure

About Invoicing

  • The charges are to be made monthly, based on the usage (reservation) record.
  • Usage time is equivalent to the reservation time on R2 system (=occupation of the instrument).
  • 15-minute reservation is the minimum unit and the usage less than that time shall be reserved for 15 minutes.
  • Unit price varies in accordance with the affiliation, the user classification and the style     of use; Please refer to the price table.

Price Table for Internal Use

Price Table for External Use

Payment Procedure for Internal Use

Please refer to the homepage of the administration office of the Research Network and Facility Services Division.

Administration Office HP

Payment Procedure for External Use

About 楽楽明細 (Raku Raku Meisai)

  • A single monthly invoice/billing statement will be issued per research subject.
  • You will receive an invoice based on the total usage of the month by the middle of the following month.
  • Please download the invoice via website portal called “楽楽明細(Raku Raku Meisai)”
  • An announcement for the use of 楽楽明細 (Raku Raku Meisai) will be sent to the subject applicant between the subject approval and the first invoicing.
  • Please complete the registration for 楽楽明細 (Raku Raku Meisai) following the instruction in the announcement.
  • Payment is due at the end of the following month of issuance of the invoice. Use of facility in April → Issue of Invoice: mid-May → Due date: the end of June

Important Note

  • We do not send the invoice or billing statement by post since they are downloadable online.
  • The quotations or the delivery slips cannot be issued in principle.
  • The payment amount for the month cannot be divided into multiple invoices.
  • If you’d like to divide the payment, you will need to make multiple subject application.
  • The invoice for multiple months cannot be combined in principle.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you need to have the invoice earlier due to the accounting period or the end of the fiscal year.

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