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Procedure for the Use

  • Please consult with us if you are a non-resident or fall under specific categories for compliance.
  • Multiple (up to 30) people can use the facility with 1 subject application.
  • Please decide the role of each person in advance of your usage application.
    Subject Applicant: The one who makes subject application (position does not matter/this can also be a student)
    Principal Researcher: The one who is responsible for the conduct of the research (either a supervisor or a project leader)
    Subject Participants: The research team members (Those who work with the subject applicant)
    Facility Users: Among the above, those who actually use the facility
  • There are 3 options of usage with corresponding unit prices to choose from.
    Disclosed Use (ARIM/Data Provision): Disclosure of usage details/data registration/low unit price
    Disclosed Use (ARIM/No Date Provision): Disclosure of usage details/no data registration/ medium unit price
    Undisclosed Use (NOF): Nondisclosure of usage details / no data registration / high unit price
  • Upon completion of usage, a report is to be made by the subject applicant in designated format.

About  Invoicing and Payment

About Disclosed Use (ARIM)

  • Disclosed use is referred to as “Advanced Research Infrastructure for Materials and Nanotechnology in Japan” administered by MEXT.
  • Use of facility by those who are from academia (universities/public research institutions) is to be under ARIM use if there are no special reasons/circumstances.
  • Reports of usage details and results are to be submitted in a designated format and are to be open to the public on the web.
  • The reports shall be equivalent to conference abstracts (including the backgrounds, purposes, materials, details, results and considerations of the research).
  • The report and the data are to be disclosed on the web with maximum of 2-year grace period.

About Data Provision for ARIM Project

  • You need to register your nanofabrication process data and such on RDE system administrated by NIMS.
  • Data is to be entered in a designated format and registered on RDE system every time you use the instruments.
  • Discount is applicable only if “data provision” is selected when making a reservation.
  • The data are to be disclosed on the web with maximum of 2-year grace period.
  • If you wish to never register your data, please tell the staff of it during the first consultation.

About the Details of ARIM

About Undisclosed Use (NOF)

  • Undisclosed us is referred to as “NIMS Open Facility (NOF)”.
  • If you cannot agree to the data disclosure on the web (as mentioned above), you need to select undisclosed use.
  • Reports of usage details are to be submitted in a designated format and are to be completed undisclosed.

About the Details of NIMS Open Facility

Usage Flow


[Disclosed] ARIM (Data Provision)

[Disclosed] ARIM (No Data Provision) [Undisclosed] NOF
1 Consultation
1-1 Inquiry via "Contact" on this website
1-2 Online consultation
2 Subject Application
2-1 User registration on NIMS data system (DICE)
※All subjecct participants
          〇 *1 - -
2-2 Subject application on ARIM/NOF application system
※Subject applicant only
          〇 *2           〇 *2           〇 *3
2-3 Subject application on ARIM/NOF application system
※Subject applicant only
          〇 *2           〇 *2     〇 *3
2-4 Examination and approval of the subject
3 Procedure for Facility Use
3-1 Creation of a team on RDE system
※This will be done by NIMS administration office
- -
3-2 Establishment of data-set for the team on RDE
※This will be done by NIMS administration office
- -
3-3 User registration on R2 system
※All facility users
          〇 *4           〇 *4           〇 *4
3-4 Subject registration on R2 system
※Subject applicant only
          〇 *4           〇 *4           〇 *4
4 Facility Use
4-1 Explanation on facility & operation training (OJT)
※Users of the instruments
4-2 Process data registration on RDE
※Users of the instruments
          〇 *5 - -
5 Completion of Facility Use (End of FY)
5-1 Submission of usage report
※Subject applicant only
          〇 *6
 (ARIM Format)
          〇 *6
 (ARIM Format)
          〇 *3
 (NOF Format)
5-2 Disclosure of usage report on the internet
※with max of 2-year grace period
*7 *7 -
5-3 Disclosure of registered data
※with max of 2-year grace period
*8 - -
  1. DICE Account System
  2. ARIM Application System
  3. NIMS Open Facility Application System
  4. R2 System (Reservation System)
  5. RDE Data Registration System
  6. ARIM Usage Report Submission System
  7. ARIM Usage Report Browser
  8. RDE Data Browser


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