Location & Transportation

NIMS Entrance Procedure

Please refer to the website below and take due procedure at the guard station when you arrive at each site.。
(You don’t need to “contact with the staff” as mentioned in “1. Pre-Procedure” when you are using the shared facilities.)

Entrance Procedure

Please enter “E Area” for Sengen site and “H Area” for Namiki site.

NIMS Shuttle Bus

NIMS shuttle buses are available for transportation between Tsukuba station to each site as well as between the sites themselves.
Please refer to the website below for the details of NIMS shuttle buses and the timetable.

NIMS Shuttle Bus

Access to NIMS Nanofabrication Unit

Sengen Site



【1】Sengen Site Main Gate

Check in at the guard station to borrow key card. Materials Reliability Laboratories are located at zone “E”. If you’d like to use the cafeteria, please borrow the card for zone “A” as well.



With your back against the main gate, turn right and walk towards “Materials Reliability Laboratories” following the direction shown on the sign.



【3】Materials Reliability                      Laboratories

Follow the direction on the second sign.




Enter the building using the key card and visit the staff room (room 114).

*Please check in at the reception as you need to borrow another designated card key to enter the clean room.


Namiki Site



【1】Namiki Site Main Gate

Check in at the guard station to borrow key card. International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics Bldg. is located at zone “H”.



The path ahead of the guard station is split; Go onto the right way.



【3】Direction Board

Turn right at the end of the path.


【4】MANA Building

Walk towards the building on the left side of the rotary. 




Enter the building using the key card, take the elevator on the right side and visit room 507.




Please contact NIMS Nanofabrication Unit for inquiries regarding this page.

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